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October 2011 - Giulio Taccon guest star at "Gran Concerto" produced and aired by Italian State Television Rai 3.

Agouts 31 2011 8.30 PM- Giulio Taccon piano recital in Bergamo, Italy, Donizetti theater.

July 17 2011 8.00 PM Beijing Time - Giulio Taccon interview on radio fm520, China www.fm520.com.

May 2011 - Giulio Taccon starring at "God gave me talent" produced by China Central Television . To be aired on July 7 6pm on CCTV 1. More

April 2011 - Giulio Taccon with Chinese celebrities take part in MV spot to support disables in China - 25 April 2011. More

February 2011 - Giulio Taccon at Beijing Television singing "baby" Chinese version. See also the related interview. More

December 2010 - Giulio Taccon guest star at Zhezhang TV. More

December 24 2010 - Giulio Taccon in concert with Lang Lang, Wuhan Stadium, China. More

December 9 2010 - Giulio Taccon at "I fatti vostri" Italian state television Rai2. More

October 23 2010 - Giulio Taccon ' s debut at Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing China. More

September 3-4-5-2010 - Maria Grazie Vivaldi International piano competition, Montalto Musica 2010, Montalto. More

July 9-12 2010 - Ibla Grand Prix, International piano competition, Ragusa Ibla, Sicily. More

May 8-9 2010 - Mozart International piano competition, Rome. More

July 27 2009 - Giulio as guest star in China Children super star vocal concert, Shenzhen. More.

July 19 2009 - Giulio as guest star in Dream of China, Taiyuan Television.

June 1st 2009, on air at 10pm CCTV4. Giulio guest star in Children day program "all the world happy togheter" More.

May 31 2009 - Giulio and other children together with Jackie Chan, Yao Ming have taken part to a CCTV program for children national day. Watch news on CCTV1 at 7pm.

May 25 2009 - A MV program where Jackie Chan, Giulio and other children sing I love my country I love my home. Aired national wide by most of TV stations. More

May 2009 - Giulio guest star at CCTV program "long life China" . Airing date to be announced.

April 2009 - Giulio guest star at Tianjing TV "children turn turn turn" , a children talk show and performance program. Aired on May 5 More

March 2009 - Launched nation wide the TV commercial campaign of "fu xian qi painting", the olympic games official paint. Starring Giulio and Lin Miao Ke, the girl that sang at the Olympic game cerimony. More

February 12, 2009 - Hunan television has interviewed Giulio and his friends starring at the "spring festival evening show" aired on February 9. More

February 9, 2009 - Giulio has performed at the Spring Festival Evening Show, Hunan TV. ALIVE! More

February 2009 - The children cartoon magazine " qi xiang tong meng " has dedicated the first cover to Giulio. More

January 2009 - The family magazine "cookie world (china) " has made a photo reportage with Giulio about the Great Wall in Beijing. More

January 2009 - Giulio at Beijing TV. More

October 2008 - China Central Television 1 aired national wide "the legend of Bruce Lee" a 50 episodes serial where Giulio is Bruce Lee' s son. More